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It's Playtime!

Feel free to call or email us if you wish to learn more about our play center’s facilities.


Play Center


Party Time




The Jolly Roger Land Play Center

Measuring nearly 7,000 square feet, our spacious center in Union City, California features state-of-the-art and visually stimulating play structures and games that kids love to climb, slide, crawl, and immerse themselves into.

Rest assured that our certified play equipment is designed and manufactured with safety in mind. We encourage parents to interact and bond with their children as they enter the menagerie of interactive fun zones.

The Jolly Roger Land Play Center has open play and private party times available to all families. If you want to take a break and enjoy refreshments such as drinks, snacks, and ice cream, we encourage you got to the Landlubber’s Bar.

Buccaneer Rules Required to Enter the Play Center

Children and adults should wear roomy play clothes, with the absolute requirement of play socks. If the participants do not have the required socks, they can purchase them at our admissions counter.

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